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90,00 €

Canyon Nevidio 

Sports experience - basic sport skills 

1 day tour 

Drinks & Food:
Lunch is organized in nature.

Offered in English

What we’ll do:

The Nevidio Canyon is located near Savnik, around 2 hours of drive from Podgorica. Preparations for entrance in the canyon are being made upon arrival in Poscenje village. Passing through the canyon lasts about 3 hours.

The name Nevidio (never seen) is a right name tor the canyon, since the Komarnica River suddenly loses into a strangely carved entrance and becomes invisible to the human eye. The canyon is about 3km long and has a large number of waterfalls, whirls and passages made by the water. The width of the canyon is less than 1 meter in some places and the height of rocks reaches almost 400m. Some parts of the canyon can be passed only by using climbing equipment.

What I’ll provide:

Full canyoning equipment ( neopren suits, helmets, life jackets) and climbing equipment.

Transfer and insurance. 

Who can come:

Even people with average physical skills. 


  • Minimal number of persons required for this tour is 5. 

Where we’ll be:

The Nevidio Canyon is located in the central part of Montenegro, on the slopes of the
Durmitor Mountain. It is a part of Mala Komarnica River that springs in Dobri Do.

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